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let me finish tonight with the thoughts of a layman on the problem under which the roman catholic church is suffering. the tragedy begins with the molestation of children. it does not end there. young boys who sent to catholic school and become older boys serve under the authority of church, subject to taking orders from the church.
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this is more than a secular discipline. empowered by the authority of god. prestand before the boys representatives of god all the agust authority that comes with it. in this case, the young boy brought up with god, firmly believe his church. this is not a place for three strikes and you're out, where christian sympathy should go to the adult abuser of the trust. it's the place where the first claimant to our sympathy and justice must be the child. the vulnerable young boy who finds himself under the power of priest and jesus christ and heir to the disciples a servant in the tradition of the apostles. if there was ever an easy moral question it should have been what to do with priests who molest children. end the occasion of sin so the priest, in this cane the moral felon, never has the opportunity to act again. if that had been done, we would not have the problem we have today. it was up to the catholic church to remine in all moral humility why it is not.
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that is the question catholics and others who respect the church want answered. why it was not done. why we didn't get the truth. not whether the pope could be sued or whether bishops or his employers or not or his employees or not. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "countdown" with keith olbermann starts right now. amaze your friends, confuse your enemies. okay, just confuse everybody. >> today we're announcing the expansion of the offshore exploration. >> attacked by the right for not drilling huff. attacked by the left for not drilling at all. for what? the maximum yield on this, 63 billion barrels of oil we use 7 billion barrels of oil per year. the likely return on this, a fraction of that, maybe as little as two weeks supply. drill, barack, drill. the republican who's for
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protecting the consumer from the big banks before he was against it, senator corker, flip-flops, now opposes the reform bill. he said last week he supported. our special guest, congressman barney frank. they were subjected to warrantless electronic surveillance. the federal judges ruling today against the bush administration wiretaps of the islamic charity and two attorneys, wiretapping in which the obama administration is defending under states secrets laws. the tea party state senator candidate in florida suggests i don't love this country and should be traded from it. tonight's quick comment. worst -- that was quick -- a right wing radio freak defends hutaree and freedom of speech. the interview with l.l. cool jay for fixed news? news to him. it was lifted from somewhere else. fox turns tail and runs. and baseball player hit
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balls, baseball players hit ball. hits baseball players own mother. all of the news and commentary now on tonight's seventh anniversary edition of "countdown". >> good evening, this is "countdown." stunning supporters and getting a faint cough announced he's got the limited import gas and oil increases. the seaboard down to florida to the outer continental shelf, drill, obama, drill. the standards will save an estimated 800 million barrels of oil. trying to please everybody and end up pleasing nobody is appropriate even though it too is nobody. president obama cleared the way for expanded oil drilling
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along the coast, the eastern gulf of mexico and parts of the alaskan shoreline. >> given our energy needs in order to sustain economic growth and produce jobs and keep our businesses competitive, with ear going to need to harness traditional sources of fuel as we ramp up resources of home grown energy. >> a changing policy from when senator obama started running for the president, when he first signed the moratorium that prevented them from drilling offcoast. and in august of 2008 considered some drilling. now president obama saying it was a tough decision that had to be made. >> this is not a decision to make lightly. we need to move beyond the tired debates of the left and the right, business leaders and environmentalist, between those claiming it's a cure-all and claiming it has no place. this issue is too important to allow our progress to languish while we fight the same old
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battles over and over again. >> the policy is not going to gain much in terms of actual oil production. the maximum yield, 63 billion barrels. we consumer nor than 7 billion barrels of oil, he did this to get nine year's supply. more likely, half of the oil is there and there's only a five-year window to drill. this might be as little as a month's domestic consumption. maybe just two weeks. so what will the path hope to get in return of the controversial decision? graham hinting that the president was going to need to make a grand gesture if he wanted the government's support on energy, on climate change to any degree. without endorsing the specifics of the proposal saying offshore drilling could help get 60 votes for climate legislation. for which, exactly.
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this morning on cnbc, ken salazar backing away from cap and trade saying i think the term cap and trade is not in the lexicon. he has not won the president any republican votes in the house, boehner says the plan does not go far enough. opening up areas of the virginia coast to offshore productions is a positive step, but keeping the pacific coasts and alaska as well as promising resources in gulf of mexico under lock and key makes no sense. president obama did open areas for drilling. only crystal bay remains protected, the most environmentally fragile waters in the northeast united states. drill baby drill was only her first tweet. after reading her republican talking points, the statement to mrs. palin in a self-tweeting direction. spot-on obama goal cram through
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job killing energy depleting burdensome cap -- environmentalists no happier. executive director of green paes asking, is this president obama's clean energy plan or palin's drill baby drill campaign. we need bold decisive steps towards clean energy. lots to talk about with our own howard fineman, senior washington correspondent for "newsweek" magazine. >> progressives feel betrayed to one degree or another. the actual amount of oil could be ridiculously small. hasn't this president travelled the no man's land before, the triangulation nation? >> will has. he only got lost in it. they held it close to the white house. this was a surprise to everybody downtown because the administration knew they wanted to try to control the message to avoid the problem you're talking about. what's of interest to me here is
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that barack obama has prospered with big picture, big concepts, for example, on health care. if the elt care bill were like introducing the health care bill to say, you know what, let's start by redecorating the doctor's offices. this is small ball for what is supposed to be another big picture plan here on energy. that's why it's puzzling. >> in terms of the energy independence which is at least the public goal of this, is there anything there? from the boehner perspective, it would seem as if this does not go anywhere near far enough towards meeting republican objectives let alone producing a large supply of oil. >> it doesn't. he's symbolic. he's saying, yes, i believe in extraction. i don't want you to believe there's extraction. from that philosophical statement, he's trying to get republican votes in the senate. i think lindsey graham has said,
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look, i need stuff from my guys to get them to participate in the bill in the senate. the bill had passed the house. nothing has happened in the senate. they're taking a lead from lindsey graham but it may be a fool's errand in terms of getting republican support. >> the terms about what the president might be hoping to leverage here and what secretary salazar said about cap in trade is not in the lexicon. did he mean the phrase or the legislation that would be cap and trade or have the same effect as cap and trade? >> well, the real big deal here, keith, is still the question of carbon pollution -- co-2 pollution, which comes from coal-firepower plants, industry, cars, etc. if there is going to be a serious effort in making us more efficient, but also greener, you're going to have to do something about the social costs of carbon-based pollution. now you can call it whatever you want it. you can have whatever mechanism you want, that's the key thing
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here. that's the problem politically for the president that this thing today about drilling offshore doesn't deal with it all. >> is, do you suppose -- and i know we're at guesswork stage here, because no one has figured it out. is the calculation looked through all of the yelling for both sides of health care reform, the president got his victory and got some health care reform that perhaps all of this -- and really this is the first time in a long time the overwhelming response out of washington has been, huh? rather than, we hate this. we're going to protest this. the oil party with people dressing up as gasoline pumps. will it all be forgotten if he gets any kind of climate legislation to walk? >> it's a big if. just as big an if as health care and it passed by three votes in the end. the sticking point is coal, if you look at it, i used to cover it in kentucky. we get half of our electricity from coal. coal is a huge plugs problem in
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states where the democrats need support. obama needs support. democratic senators, bobby byrd in west virginia, inspector of pennsylvania or biden who are going to vote no on any kind of tax of carbon-based solution. that's the problem that obama will have to deal with if he's going to get a will. >> howard fineman. thanks. for more on the reaction of the president's proposal, let's turn to the president of "friends of the earth." thank you for your time, sir. >> thank you, keith. >> the obama move here does a lot to a long-standing moratorium on oil and gas drilling off of the east coast. >> we're seriously disappointed with the president. he's turning his back on 25 years of sound energy policy blowing a kiss to the republicans and senator graham
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on this drilling fiasco. >> if there is the political reasoning behind this more than the 7 billion or 8 billion gallons of oil that might come out of it or if that number were 70 billion, if it's more than getting enough republican support to pass significant legislation in terms of climate change and energy and emissions standards, is it worth the tradeoff? >> we have to see a bill first. the president is unilaterally disarming himself. we saw two or three weeks ago he pledged to do new nuclear power in georgia. we see the oil and gas development. he's got to talk about goal. he's got the trifecta. we're not getting anything out of it. we're empowering the dirty energy subsidies and we're not getting strong commitments on
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real energy, on energy efficiency, on solar. we need to make a significant step forward in these technologies to solve global warming and to reduce our energy dependence. he's just not stepping up right now. >> under those circumstances of not stepping up and not presenting a bill that would encourage you that there's light at the end of the tunnel that he decided to go in to, what is friends of the earth planning to do to fight this proposal? >> all right, there's a letter sent to majority senator reid, ten senators said if there's additional drilling in this climate energy bill, we'll more than likely oppose this bill. that's one part. the other part out to our members saying sign a petition, tell senator -- or president obama this is unacceptable energy policy he's putting forth. thirdly, it's talking to you. and i'm glad you're having this on the show. but talking to other media outlets blowing the whistle on
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this. how much of a fraud this is. >> how about the increased mileage standards that the administration claimed is going to save $1.8 billion in terms of barrels of oil. does that weigh against or mitigate against what you see as a bad day? >> that's a good proposal. we're highly supportive of it. why do we have to have these two points? this is a proposal to make cars cleaner. so we support it kind of questioning why he's packaged all of this together because it's a green victory when we started -- when we made the fuel economy standards. >> friends of the earth. thank you for joining us. returning to shore without a radio, the likelihood for republican support for anything is far harder to find than the oim. a gop senator reneges on his
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support of banking reform to protect you instead of the banks. barney franks joins us to what amounts as a plagiarism scandal on fox news involving sarah palin and l.l. cool jay. sarah palin and koby keith ahead. [ male announcer ] this is nine generations of the world's most revered luxury sedan. this is a history of over 50,000 crash-tested cars. this is the world record for longevity... and one of the most technologically advanced automobiles on the planet. this is the 9th generation e-class.
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democrats needed one that would protect you instead of the bank mgs. congressman barney frank on that. the federal court rules the wiretapping was illegal domestic wiretapping explained by pulitzer prize winner james risen for the new york time. a candidate for the senate cries i don't love this country and i should be traded to another country. the foulest foul ball in 50 years. he linebacked one off of his own mom. why does this sound so familiar to me?
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he cannot support it because it gives consumers too much protection. the house bill shaped by democrats including our next guest, financial services member barney frank establishes what president obama called for an independent agency to protect consumers against predatory practices. it authored by chris dodd of the senate locates the consumer protection agency inside the federal reserve which is
1:21 am
primarily responsible not for consumers but for protecting the system. senator corker says it has too much power to protect consumers. in a speech, corker explained his opposition. corker objects to dodd's proposal that the banks would have to hold on to, not sell to another institution at least 5% of any loans they make, which would give them some incentive to ensure that the loans are repayable because they would lose money if they were not repayable. even though dodd's consumer protection agency is part of the reserve, corker wants banking regulator, those charged with protecting the banks from themselves to have veto power over any consumer protection agency. quote, i do not want to have an overprotection agency. we need balance. too much regulation between the regulators and the consumer protection side.
1:22 am
he said this out loud. while richard shelby broke down, corker said he's still optimistic about negotiating the changes to the bill before it's taken up by the full senate as early as this month or next. thank you, sir. >> "the wall street journal" writes democrats needs support from one republican in the past measure in the senate. the republicans are backing off on repealing health care, seemingly getting away from that crazy idea. why not let them filibuster on behalf of the banks if that's what they want to do? >> i agree. this is a bring-it-on moment. senator dodd wrote what was originally a good bill. he has gone to every possible step to accommodate them. what happened was this -- senator corker was trying to
1:23 am
negotiate with senator dodd. he was overruled by the republican leadership. senator mcconnell and shelby told corker, know, they have a fantasy they're going to get 41 republicans to stand up and say there should be no reform. when the house voted on the bill last december, the bill that came out was a good bill. that's not everything i wanted. i wanted more strength. we did a good job. the problem was health care was dominating the news so we were left alone with the lobbyists. we did a good job. every single republican can look it up. every single republican in the house of representative voted to kill every financial reform. they didn't say make it better, better balance. nothing. kill it all. shelby and john boehner went to the american bankers and
1:24 am
promised them they would use parliamentary tactics to kill the bill. that's what they said to the bankers, don't let the little punk staffers to push you around. i agree with you. let's call their bluff. i don't think the american people want to see a consumer agency that has to check with the bank supporters. the other you mentioned -- 30 years ago when you borrowed money, you borrowed money from the person who expected to pay you back. then he or she was careful of lending it. the scheme was whereby i lend 1,000 people money and i sell the right to be repaid by other people. that gives me no real incentive to have repayment. we're asking for a small 5% to 10% hold. if i buy insurance from a company and that company gets worried and wanted to get reinsurance, they cannot reinsurance the whole risk. they have to have risk retention. you have the republicans deciding as a party that
1:25 am
everything worked wonderfulfully and there can be no report whatsoever. i have a contest going on. i want someone to tell me an example in american history where we overregulated on behalf of consumers. i can't think of one, unfortunately. >> you included that in the great summation going on here. i would like to emphasize where that consumer protection agency is. what happened if there's a version created that is not the way you outlined it? >> first of all, that's not going to happen until i'm have a vote in the senate. they wanted the health care bill negotiated in public. i wasn't in charge of the health care bill. i have a lot to say about the financial bill. giving them their wish. we will have a conference. if the bill comes out -- and chris dodd who's been very unfairly criticized in some points, he's doing the best job
1:26 am
he can do. if you get 41 republicans filibustering, they're going to sit in public and have a nice conference and you can all cover us and let the republican member of the senate vote to kill the independent agency. we're not going to provide cover for them. i'm not in the business to help them make up republicans so they can pretend to be what they're not. >> senator corker would be described in new england as a corker even if his name wasn't based on this -- he said this aloud. how did he get re-elected to anything higher than dogcatcher defending the banks against the people? >> they made a mistake -- here's the deal, they got overconfident. our bill was strong. i wish it was a little tougher on derivatives. they do make some strides there, everybody will talk about health care. so, you know they got away with it. big government you can't trust. an interesting thing going on here with the republicans.
1:27 am
first they ran the government for six years, the president, the house in the senate. they messed things up in the fnls shl area. they didn't regulate, allowed all of the terrible things to happen. trying to fix it, they say you can't trust the government. i don't think it's going to work. i think the public will tell them -- let me say this -- i don't think all 41 republicans will stand up and try to kill independent reform. >> one would think not. but we've seen worse before. barney frank, always a pleasure, thank you for your time. >> thank you, keith. james risen of "the new york times" on a crucial ruling against the domestic spying program and against the obama justice program trying to defend it coming up here.
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a federal judge with a huge ruling against bush administration warrantless wiretaps. ritchie ash burn got to the baseball hall of fame by his ability to keep fouling off pitches he didn't like to one he did like. it struck of all people alex roth, the wife of the sports editor of the philadelphia bulletin newspaper. they had to carry mrs. roth and her broken nose off on a stretcher. ashburn who was at the plate and kept fouling pitches off hit mrs. roth with another foul ball. and chuck knoblauch of the yankees picked up a ground ball and threw it to first base.
1:32 am
it hit a fan and broke her eyeglasses. that fan, of course, is the mother. minnesota twins center fielder denard spahn did a half ashburn half knoblauch. let's play odd ball. >> mr. spahn hits the ball to the stands and hits a uniform. the one wearing the uniform is his mom, wanda wilson. she was okay. that's why he ran into the stands. he had to take himself out of the game he was disturbed enough. although she was fine. he threw a pitch at comiskey park in chicago in 1939. it was fouled off, it hit his mother in the stands and that was on mother's day.
1:33 am
and it's everywhere, it happened. it's funny. deserves not an apology but an explanation. melanie lawson slipping out of her chair as she reached over to the weatherman. i don't know ms. lawson but he said part of the physics that we saw and laughed at is nothing she would make a deal out of she has multiple sclerosis, used a cane for many years. my apologies to her and to you for not having known that first. she is an inspiration for me and many others here in the houston area and she's an inspiration to me too. an actual candidate suggests there are three americans who disagree with me politically who do not love this country as a result and one of the three is me. tonight's comment ahead on "countdown." new refitness from crystal light. ♪
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protects them. it doesn't. stop pretending. it can happen to you. protect your home with flood insurance. call the number on your screen... for your free brochure. tonight the united states government following guidelines set by the bush administration's
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terrorist surveillance program has been found guilty of illegally eavesdropping on two american lawyers and an islamic charity. the third story -- a ruling from a federal court in san francisco that could be the most significant in unraveling the invasions of privacy institutionalized by president bush. the law was filed by the saudi branch of islamic foundation and two american lawyers. the plaintiffs claim the phone conversations in 2004 were illegally wiretapped by the national agency nsa while it was deemed a support of terrorism by the treasury department. they argue that fisa because they did not first obtain a warrant. justice department under both bush and obama deemed it was not necessary saying the states secret privilege trumped the fisa law.
1:38 am
writing in the 45-page ruling that, quote, fisa takes precedence over the states secrets privilege in this case, and under this theory, they may treat fisa as optional and enacted specifically to rein in and create a judicial check of executive branch of uses at the authority. the lawyers are seeking $1 million in damages. the justice department is reviewing the suspicion. the bush administration's spying program. thank you for your time tonight, sir. >> thanks for having me. >> you have followed this issue so closely and done extraordinary reporting on it. what is the significance of this ruling today. >> i think the most important thing is that by declaring the eavesdropping and the illegal act that in other words it was the bush administration had no
1:39 am
right to invade fisa, it raises serious questions about the whole underpinnings of the bush war on terror. you can argue that virtually all of the programs that the bush administration used, rendition, torture, wiretapping, you know, setting up secret prisons all were innocent in one form or another the invasion of congressional power. and by saying the bush administration had no right to avoid the congressional mandates and congressional legislation, that raises real questions about everything that the bush administration did on counterterrorism was illegal. >> practically, does that mean anything at this point? >> i think it raises the interesting question right here, this was a last major lawsuit pending on the nsa program. all of the cases against the telecommunications companies have been thrown out by the telekom immunity. in 2008, in the legislation to update fisa that president obama voted for it was in the senate.
1:40 am
but this one was targeted against the nsa, against the government rather than the telecommunications companies and by declaring this illegal, it raises questions in my mind about whether individual government officials in the future could be held liable for having acted in a criminal way. >> is there any reason to suppose ultimately this case will turn out differently the last time there was an attempt made to sue the nsa by the aclu? >> in that case, in detroit, as you may remember, the whole program was declared unconstitutional. and an appeals court ruled that it was -- that it was blocked. but no one challenged the ruling by the judge that it was unconstitutional. and it's unclear anybody can argue in this case either that by declaring it criminal that the program was a crime that you could not make a further -- you know, demand a further criminal investigation of what the bush administration did.
1:41 am
it's unclear whether the obama administration really wants to fight that battle. they've argued this more narrowly on the states secrets privilege and never tried to defend the bush administration on the actual nsa program. >> they did something interesting here with the context that may be different. the holbrooke justice department broke with the gonzalez justice department and gave this of why it should be dismissed and the judge ruled in favor of the plaintiff. does that tell us how flawed for historical purposes, does it tell us how flawed the spying program was? >> it raises real questions because there was a document that they had been given by mistake that they revealed they had been wiretapped under this program. they were not allowed to use that. but the obama administration the way they broke with the bush administration on this is saying that we're going to abide by the
1:42 am
court's ruling. the bush people were trying to ignore whatever the court said in this case if they were not in office. the obama people are not going to abide by it. the question is they may not appeal this case, this ruling, which would leave on the books the idea that the nsa program is illegal. >> does it also -- the way they defended this, the way holder defended this, using state secrets, would that stay on the books too. would this be the last time they use state secrets? >> probably not. they defended that more vigorously than they have the nsa program. they like that and something they can use in other cases. it raises real questions about state secrets too. it limits the state secrets and how far they can push that and shut down criminal cases against the government. >> great putting this in context for us. thanks for your time tonight. >> thank you. the fake implication by
1:43 am
sarah palin and fox that she had done an interview with l.l. cool j. she also didn't do an interview with toby keith though they were implying that too. and guess what they're expecting the government to do for them in court. ah, irony. the state attorney general who will not sue helping the republicans trying to impeach him, the night the brains went out in georgia. [ engine revs ] whoa. [ man ] kinda makes your heart race, huh? honda accord and toyota camry stand behind their powertrain for up to 60,000 miles. chevy malibu stands behind theirs for up to 100,000 miles. which makes it pretty clear whose standing out front. a consumers digest "best buy" two years running. chevy malibu.
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seventh anniversary edition's worsts ahead. marco rubio, the nomination for the senate for florida is yet to be mistaken for the bright young lights of republican politics. he gave a speech which he endorsed offshore drilling, condemned amnesty for immigrants and according to the palm beach post, he said, with a thought
1:46 am
that originated on the glenn beck show. he didn't start weeping or speaking in tongues. there are millions of people in america that hate our country. so why can't we just do a trade? we'll send you sean penn, janine garofalo and keith olbermann and you can send us people who want to rebuild this country. you have long behaved like a teenager who borrowed his father's suit. i think your stupidity is an indictment of the educational system in this country. i'm sure you feel the same way about me. but what i would never claim about you is you do not love this country. i would never claim it in your own way you have not believed you have tried to build it. you have the right to criticize anything you want about me or anyone else with whom you disagree politically. when you question whether or not i love this country, you have crossed a line. you have revealed that you don't see those with other viewpoints as merely disagreeing with you, you have revealed you dismissed
1:47 am
them as not loving this country. this, in turn, proves that if you are elected to office you will not, in the slightest, be representing nor even defending the people of your state who did not vote for you. and that, perhaps, is greatest crime of this country of which any politician can be guilty. i'm the great grandson of immigrants as you are the son of immigrants who came to this country for the opportunity and freedom. i know one thing for sure. my ancestors were trying to get away from people like you. vegetables are naturally low in calories.
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>> mama says knock you out. l.l. cool j. defeats sarah palin in one round. she didn't interview toby keith either. the world's worst. see all of the special stuff we're doing. the minnesota scorched earth filling in for lonesome dove. you know it had to bid on hutaree militia. with everybody demonizing the militia. it's not the militia, okay? you know this is nothing more than an attack on faith and attack on free speech. now you know why mr. baker is a fill-in. even beck isn't dumb enough to claim domestic terrorism is just faith and free speech. our runners up, the good old hutaree himself led by that
1:50 am
misunderstood faithful free speech advocate who wanted to kill cops and topple the government. joe stonewall and captain hutaree. they are excellent at irony. they're charged with sedition against the government they front for some kind of anti-christ. they have requested the services of -- free government attorneys. the winner only because of the anniversary of the show, bill o'the clown. kitman wrote the biography o'reilly could not be suppressed. kitman's book came out on january 3, 2007. another bold and fresh prediction. something new from bill o. something simple. gently underscoring how nuts he really is. you turn on msnbc and you see these people attacking personally. they're throwing all kinds of
1:51 am
stuff around. people go, it's unpleasant, i'm not going to watch it -- and they don't. this is the highest-rated cable news show not on fox -- blah, blah -- his implication is he doesn't attack people personally. but he says, msnbc made the key mistake of hiring bad people. it's as simple as that. they've got a bunch of guttersnipes on their network. >> i attack personally and he doesn't and he attacks us as bad people and guttersnipes. everybody falls into utterly mutually exclusive embarrassing claims like that. but there's usually space between the points of contradicti contradiction, years, months. how long before o'reilly contradicted hymn. from the transcript, it looks like 42 seconds. bill o'the clown. today's worst person in the world! ♪
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sarah palin's fox news show debuts tomorrow, april 1, sharing the american stories of l.l. cool j. and toby keith which it turns out is a big surprise to l.l. cool j. and toby keith. the whole thing is an april fool's joke but an unintentional one. the show is or was to tell real life tales of overcoming adversity and would include special guests like toby keith, l.l. cool j., and the general electric c.e.o. jack welch. could never get him for an
1:56 am
interview. mr. cool j. and mr. welch will speak in a segment entitled, in their own words, prompting mary katherine ham to find the more time they spend in the studio the more time i get to meeting him and for that i owe sarah palin many thanks. l.l. cool j. will not be spending time in a fox studio anytime soon, he did. mr. cool j. tweeting -- fox lifted an old interview i gave in 2008 to someone else and are misrepresenting to the public in order to promote sarah palin's show -- wow. fox news said they'd pull it -- being nice. real american stories' featuring uplifting tales and we believed that would fit that interview. we're cutting his interview from the special and we wish him the best with his fledgling acting career.
1:57 am
and fox has another problem on its hands with the same show. toby keith slated to explain the inspiration behind his song, "sort si of the red, white, and blue" with the lyric we'll put a boot in your as it's the american way. i had no idea this was going to be on the sarah palin special. fox never contacted me, not now, not when they put it together, not at all. it's an interview they did a year ago with him. joining me now is msnbc political analyst, "renegade -- the making of a president," richard wolf. good evening. >> i can't recall the last time sarah palin surprised me. how could anybody screw up something as obvious as sarah palin and fox news? real american stories has something to do with reality.
1:58 am
like fair and balance has something to say about balance. this is overcoming adversity. a triumph of inspiration and a bit like being a one-time flute player and part time tv sportscaster in anchorage and going on to serving half a term as governor and still hosting your own tv show and leading a political movement. this show is a triumph over adversity. it's reality. it is, itself, inspiration. >> a triumph over reality. i agree. they're showing that on the english channel at sarah palin. we get to l.l. cool j. this budding toby keith thing. wouldn't the supporters of either be mystified these two people have a rift. >> you would think so. although it's interesting seeing "the new york times." some might call it the main stream media. "new york times" quoted the
1:59 am
publicist saying they never got an e-mail from fox news so it was surprising to the publicist. but toby keith is an interesting guy. he obviously is on the conservative side of things. he's called himself a conservative democrat, says he's a friend of james jones, the national security advisor and a friend of bill richardson. this guy is all over the place. >> yes, well. and he's not being interviewed by sarah palin. they're admitting that she didn't do any of the interviews. she's just the front person for the show. l.l. cool j., fox used that standard. the dismissive, we should look nonsense in the pressure release. did we watch the dynamic in play? first fox found him inspirational and he was one of the head liners of unraveling show. he called us and suddenly he's not inspirational, he's just a fledgling actor. >> no, not

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